About me

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Who I am

Hello, my name is Gary Gitton and I’m a French developer. I work as a freelance web developer in London since March 2012.

I’m passionate by computers and IT since my childhood. At 14 years old, I created my first website and since I stayed aware about IT technologies and more particularly web development technologies.

During my IT Business Engineering studies that I finished in 2011, I worked as junior project manager in an IT unit for 3 years. I developed good business and customer relationship skills.

I used to handle front-end (XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryMobileUI, AJAX) and back-end (PHP, ZendFramework) languages. About database, I easily work with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL and SQLite.

I’m a freelance web developer based in London. With 4 Years commercial experience, I provide High Quality Website with a high cost-effective.
What do I do?

I realize project specification and follow project realization.
I develop website, eCommerce, web application and web mobile application from scratch or based on CMS as Drupal, WordPress and Prestashop.
I also provide SEO and Social Media consultancy services.

Why choose me ?
High Cost Effective
I’m self-employed and I’m not impacted by the heaviness of companies, my fees are small and I reverberate this on the cost of your project.
Creativity & experience
As freelance, I used to work on different place, meet different people and talk about many thing. All this, bring me good ideas for your project!
Reliability & honesty
These are the two main pillar of a successful project.
My Skills

XHTML/HTML & CSS3 90%PHP5 90%jQuery & AJAX 85%Zend Framework 85%CMS / eCommerce / Web Application 85%SEO & Social Media 80%